Our Story

Mycl Turell introduces himself...

Mycl Turell is a motorcycle clothing brand with a German company location in Aachen. The brand was founded in 2018, but its origins go back much further.

The Motorrad Meyer company opened in Aachen as early as 1960.its doors for all two-wheeler enthusiasts. Decades of industry experience characterize this company. This tradition gave rise to the idea of ​​setting a new example. In 2015 we decided to develop and produce motorcycle clothing under the name “Meyer-Clothing”.
This The company logo was quickly found and had an important motto: A turtle shell as a protective shield for every motorcyclist. Enormous ambition, a lot of strength and, above all, courage over time formed something new, something that had never existed before. Our statement and thus the direction was and is still clearly defined today:


In 2018, all of this got a framework and in a symbiosis,
“Meyer-Clothing” became Mycl and from “Turtleshell” Turell. A name for eternity was written – Mycl Turell. Now it was time to make leading decisions that will influence and, above all, positively change the motorcycle clothing market.

Convince yourself! There is something for everyone in our wide range of motorcycle clothing and accessories. If you have any questions about our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will be happy to help you.

See you soon & ride safely!