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Behind the scenes at Mycl Turell

Mycl Turell consists of a dynamic, creative and young team. We are closely networked and always work in close communication, with short official channels. This allows us to be very close to the customer. We have the opportunities, wishes and suggestions of our customers to incorporate directly into new productions and developments and not until years later.

Our aim with Mycl Turell is to recreate something that often seems to be lost in our anonymized society. A product that awakens passions and unites motorcyclists in one family. Mycl Turell offers protection and security. This vision of Mycl Turell quickly found its implementation and, above all, its followers. Our customers are completely convinced and are happy to spread the Mycl Turell message.

In the past we have managed to build a broad network. We maintain a good and friendly relationship with Jens Kuck, one of the most experienced and well-known motorcycle test riders in the scene. Jens Kuck worked for us as a model and presented our top model, the TransAlpin High Pro 2in1 motorcycle suit, on his extensive YouTube channel.

He is convinced and so is his close colleague and friend Matthias Malmedie. This meant that our touring suits were even used and worn on TV shoots, such as GRIP - Das Motomagazin on RTL II.The demand for our products and especially the TransAlpin High Pro 2in1 station wagon continued to increase, as did our level of awareness. We now offer the TransAlpin series in four different colors.This did not go unnoticed by MOTORRAD magazine. In the blink of an eye, our top combination TransAlpin High Pro 2in1 was put under the microscope.

We were awarded the
touring driver recommendation and thus received an extensive
t5>Test report in the magazine.

From the beginning, we were aware that Mycl Turell's products had to be individual, innovative and, above all, of high quality.We built a business relationship with the German company Fidlock® right from the start. The Fidlock® magnetic fasteners impress with their absolutely high-quality workmanship and excellent functionality.We also work with production facilities that are licensed partners for processing Sympatex membrane systems in our products.

In addition to the adventure touring sector, Mycl Turell also serves all casual customers. We offer our customers a very extensive product range of shoes, shirts, leather jackets, jeans, hoodies and also gloves.Our products are well thought out and equipped with features that are helpful and useful to the motorcyclist.“.finally someone thought for once.“ are quotes that are second to none.

As part of this, we developed a limited edition together with the Bobberbrothers brand. A collaboration was created here that reaches all the way to the USA. The Bobberbrothers brand sells its products on an international level, with a focus on Europe and the USA.The joint clothing line was produced by our network.Sales took place through both brands' sales channels. Here, Mycl Turell achieved another high level of popularity in the motorcycle scene.

Our marketing area extends across various platforms and channels. In addition to paid advertising measures, we regularly equip well-known influencers and test drivers with our products. Thus, on the one hand, we gain experience from direct application and, on the other hand, continuously expand our level of awareness.We have a well-founded advertising infrastructure in the social media area and on Google. These channels are played regularly and are constantly being expanded.

In order to underpin the euphoria and enthusiasm surrounding the
Turtleshell in the future, our development processes are continuing. We are already working on optimizations and new products that will allow Mycl Turell to continue to grow. Some of our top-selling products are currently undergoing CE certification. Here we continuously optimize our products to obtain the best possible safety classification before the product goes on sale.

We can already announce that next season we will be bringing motorcycle jeans onto the market that is yet to be matched. A pair of jeans, single-layered and unique in terms of wearing comfort combined with the highest level of safety that only motorcycle jeans can provide . A specially developed fiber composition enables us to conquer the market for new innovations .

Mycl Turell is not only a protective shield for motorcyclists, but also
a symbol of motorcycling. Linked to our tradition, we decided to establish our own Mycl Turell merchandise line in addition to protective clothing. Anyone who values ​​our products and already wears them with dedication will find that Mycl Turell will also impress in everyday life, with style and attention to detail.

Become part of the Mycl Turell family and be inspired by our

product variety.

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