LS2 FF327 Challenger GP Helmet

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LS2 FF327 Challenger full face helmet The new release from LS2 for all super sports... more
Product information "LS2 FF327 Challenger GP Helmet"

LS2 FF327 Challenger full face helmet

The new release from LS2 for all super sports enthusiasts among you. An absolute all-round helmet for the coming season with an EXTRA large field of vision.

A must-have for every racing fan.

  • UV resistant layer
  • security certification
  • 3 shells made from HPFV

shell sizes

  • LS2 offers multiple case sizes, custom-sized EPS protectors, and our high-quality, high-performance comfort filler and 3D laser-cut plastic foam for a flawless fit and comfort, all day long.

Manufactured from HPFC

  • The high performance fiberglass composite consists of carefully layered layers of a unique resin pre-impregnated fiberglass fabric to form a tough, ultra-light and rigid case or shell that disperses impacts in a safer manner.

cooling system

  • LS2 helmets have a so-called "Dynamic Flow-through Ventilation". Multi-adjustable intake ducts and EPS damping with air ducts, in conjunction with the rear spoiler and exhaust ducts, create permanent ventilation to provide the rider with cool and comfortable conditions.

Metallic security badge

  • This small metallic triangle is an exclusive LS2 feature that further strengthens the connection of the helmet strap to the helmet.

quick release

  • The metal buckle connects to a high quality chin strap with a plastic tongue with serrations. A soft "click" is heard when closing. Snap in until you get a comfortable but tight fit. Pull the tether to unlock the tongue. The chin strap on the side of the metal buckle offers further adjustment options.

emergency release system

  • The emergency release system allows the emergency services to remove the helmet pads, creating additional space to remove the helmet with minimal movement of the casualty's head and neck. It is recommended that someone hold the helmet to avoid movement of the helmet when removing the pads. Slip your finger into the red ribbon and gently pull to remove the pads. Slide the side pads over the straps and remove them from the helmet.


  • LS2 visors are made from 3D optically correct “A Class” polymers, a space exploration polymer with high resistance to impact energy and maximum vision. The visors are stable, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. All this combined with the ultimate PINLOCK technology offers the most advanced standard in anti-fog.

Quick disassembly system

  • This system (patent pending) simplifies changing the visor with bare hands. The built-in spring escapement with a locking pin ensures a perfect fit without air gaps when the visor is closed.

Comfort lining

  • All LS2 helmets have removable and washable liners to keep them fresh as new. Our anatomically correct designed cheek pads are based on LS2's 3D laser technology and offer a perfect fit. Hypoallergenic fabrics are used that wick away moisture to ensure the rider is always comfortable.

chin bar

  • High quality fabric placed in front of the chin reduces airflow hitting the rider's face and allows for a more comfortable ride. The chin guard is removable when it is hot.


  • Hypoallergenic fabrics are used, which support moisture transport and ensure a comfortable fit.

Laser cut pads

  • Foam with different densities is laser cut in 3D and adapts perfectly to the shape of the driver's head.
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